Izumo Ekiden

I finished watching Izumo ekiden 2018 on youtube last night.

Tokai seems very strong and can be rival of Aogaku in Zennihon and Hakone.

Golden 2nd grade runners are now on fire, especially Seki and Onizuka.

About running form, Onizuka of Tokai and Tamura of Aogaku looked very nice.


Izumo is short ekiden. It is good for Tokai since they have many speed runners.

Aogaku will be stronger for long distance race like Hakone.

Zennihon is middle of Izumo and Hakone.

So, it will be pretty exciting race between Tokai to Aogaku.

I think these 2 teams will dominate titiles of ekiden in this year. The battle between other strong teams like Toyo, Waseda, Kanagawa, Komazawa, Nittai, Juntendo will be intersting. 


Aside from zenihon, I'm intested in NYC marathon because my friend will run.

I'm looking forward to next weekend.