YBC Levain Cup 2017

This year’s YBC Levain cup final will be very interesting . all tickets were sold out. Saitama stadium 2002 will be packed with fanatics supporters of both finalists.

This year’s finalists are Kawasaki and C Osaka. Both teams had chances to get titles but they missed all in the past. Winner will be very excited since it will be first title.

They keeps playing well at all competitions.. Kawasaki is 2nd in the league and C Osaka went to the semifinal of the other cup and still have a chance to get the ticket for ACL.

So, it is difficult to predict score. I hope Kawasaki become champion. Because one of their best player, Kengo Nakamura is senior of high school. I am not Kawasaki fan but support him.

I cannot watch this game on TV unfortunately but I will follow it via internet and will watch highlight on Youtube.

I really envy them. My team, FC Tokyo is hopeless this season... The only good news is that they contracted with 2 young stars, Hirakawa and Kubo.