NYC marathon 2017

I wanted to watch NYC marathon 2017 on internet broadcast.

My running friend posted link for watching and tracking our friends on our chat.

This race started at 9:50PM here Singapore because of time difference.

I was extremely tired and sleepy at that time due to Asics relay in the night before.

As a result, I slept without doing nothing for it before 10:30PM.

When I got up next day, I confirmed result surprised.


Because, unexpectedly former champion of women’s category lost against American veteran runner, Flanagan who came from track. She seemed strong too. But former champion seemed formidable because she won this race 3 times in low. She must have experience and will to keep champion’s position.


According to report, 1st half of the race was really slow.  Flanagan changed gear few km before the finish and Kenyans including former champion could not catch up her.

Course of this race is very tough. And there is a severe slope in Central park near the goal.


So, she did unbelievable achievement. American women never won this race in 40 year.

Rupp won Chicago marathon last month and it was similar situation.

American marathon continues to success full marathon.