track & field club of Tokyo university

One of track & field club of Tokyo university member, Kondo is applied to member of Kanto selection for Hakone.

His time of qualified race is best among members. However, he has to make good timing on 10000m race in end of this month.

I think he will be able to do it and he will run Hakone.

He is supposed be very motivated because he was in selection member last 2 years but could not run, just supported other members sadly.


I found blog of long distance section of track & field club of Tokyo university.

They update almost every day. They change person in charge of updating every time.

It is very interesting. They must be very busy for studying and maybe part time job.

However, they seem very eager for running.

They do not have couch. Therefore, they create training menu by themselves.

This circumstance and their level except Kondo are similar to me.

So, I will check their blog continuously to improve my running and get motivation.


I really admire them. I was not such a good student when I was in university. I was just doing part time job and study so so to graduate. I did not have passion for something.

Their ultimate target is running Hakone. It seems very difficult because now many universities want to do it. But I will follow their blog and support them.