3 days

Finally I reached 3 days before the Fukuoka.

It has been almost 7 months since Prague in May.

I was satisfied almost all of training and race during this period. I think I did what I wanted to do for Fukuoka.


Last night session was last speed training. I compered its result to result of last training before Prague. I think present fitness level can be almost same as before Prague.

Race course of Prague was pretty tough because there were many stones and lines of tram on the road, few supports on rural area, not so steep but many up downs, few competitors.

Course of fukuoka looks flat. And will have many competitors and supports on whole course

So, I expect making new PB at least 1 min.


according to weather forecast, temperature will be ideal number and it will not rain so far.

I must be careful on the way to there. Changi airport and inside of air plane will be very cold.

I should bring sufficient wears to be warm and comfortable.

I just have to be best condition at the start and enjoy the race.