Finally, I gave up using Garmin. It cannot be charged any more.

Then, I restarted using TomTom. Still it does not have defective points.

But, I am not satisfied with it because of below mentioned reasons.


  1. No lap by hand: it has stop watch function but it does not connect to GPS. Moreover, it cannot be saved. So, I plan to use no GPS soleus watch for laps and use it for GPS log at the same for interval training. It will be troublesome.


     2.Long detection time: It took more than 5 minutes to be ready with GPS. I could not wait and started without it because I knew distance from my home to point A was 1km.



However, I found some good points.


  1. Bluetooth is available: It connects to I pod. Then, I came back to Strava.
  2. Short charging time: it’s shorter than Garmin
  3. Weight and feeling: Weight is righter and feeling is better


I have Polar M200. It’s function will be better than TomTom but I will use it until it will be broken.