Start time

There are 2 start times of Dubai Marathon.

1 is 6AM for elite runners and wheelchairs. The other is 7AM for masses.

There are 2 big merits to for start at 6AM.

  1. It will be cooler because of sunrise time  

According to weather forecast, lowest temperature will be around 15 degree, highest will be 25 degree. If start earlier, runners will be able to run under lower temperature. 1 hour will be quite big difference.


     2.Running as a packIf I ran as masses, my competitor will be only few men’s runners.

But if I ran as elite, I will be able to run with many women elite runners.

I saw result of last year. There were few runners ran around 2:30 to 2:35.


Despite earlier morning, I want to be qualified elite runner  because of above reasons.