Mascherano & Ronaldinho

I had 2 big sad news about football last week.


First, one of my favorite football players, Mascherano will move to China soon.

He still plays very well in Barcelona but now he is not regular member.

So, He decided to move to China for having more time to play because of coming world cup in Russia.


I was very impressed when he played as selected player of Argentina in Brazil world cup.

He was captain and he had a great leadership. Team could not be champion but what he did was amazing.


Second, Ronaldinho revealed his retire. Now , he is 37 years old. So, I think it is good timing to do it. He became fat and now he is not brilliant as before.

He was incredible in Barcelona, especially from 2003 to 2006.

He finished worst period of Barcelona which they never got the title for 6 years.


At that time, I was attracted him and became Socio of Barcelona.

Sadly, his peak time was very short, not like a Messi nor Ronaldo.

He could not spend 100% for football because he could not stop night life.


But he was legend player of Barcelona. I will never forget.