Travel in U.A.E.

I came back from U.A.E last week. I was busy but become normal today.

Sadly result of the marathon was not what I desired . However, I   enjoyed the race and entire travel. It was my first travel in middle east.

I visited Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah. I stayed Dubai mainly because of the race.


Dubai was amazing city. It was very futuristic impressive.

Huge malls, many skyscrapers, strange hotels etc.. Oil money can do everything.

There are many restrictions in Middle east countries because of the religion.

However, U.A.E is quite free. People can drink alcohol in Hotel and some bars.

What I liked most was having a dinner with friends at the local restaurant.

We enjoyed European style, first for drinking, second for eating.


Local food was very delicious and heathy.

Aside from local food, I mainly ate Indian food. Because there are so many cheap Indian restaurants in the city. I saw so many Indians. So it makes sense.

I also ate food a lot in the food courts of the malls.

Japanese food in Singapore would be better than Japanese food in Dubai.

However, still we can choose variety of food in the mall, not only Japanese but also others like Chinese, Korean etc..


Transportation of Dubai is very convenient. There is a train and metro which connects airport to the city. Taxi is not so expensive and Uber is also acceptable.

If feel boring in Dubai, you can go to other cities by bus easily and join tours to desert.


U.A.E is quite safe country. So, It’s a recommended destination.