Trainning for mountainnering

I did hill training in the morning on last Saturday at Bukit Timah.

It was fruitful training. I ran from the bottom to top 10 times.

There is very steep section at the beginning. After this point, the route is divided to 2.

One is steps around 150m + to the summit.

The other one is slope around 500m + to the summit.


I did 5 times on each route. It was kind of interval training.

I felt steps route was harder because I could not run full part.

I dashed for going up and jogged for going down.

There were many walkers at that time but it was better than MR.

There are many routes including trails.


My legs were no problem on training day, no muscle pain.

However, I had a quite heavy muscle pain on knees on Sunday.

I believe that training was effective and I realized still have to do a lot for running Northborn 100km.