Bidan Karoki won RAK half marathon with course record under 60min.

I watched some parts of race on You Tube.

He looked not so skinny. Also his running form looked not so smooth.

When I watched him on New year Ekiden, I thought he was amazing and his form was very impressive.


Anyways, absolutely he is a elite Kenyan Runner. He got many medals and podiums on world championships and on Olympic games in the past.

He still young around 27,8. He is trying Marathon. I think he is not satisfied current his PB which is 2:07 +. He can run Sub 2:04.


I saw his profile on Wikipedia last night. Then, I was impressed. Because,  he ran high school team in Japan and stay long time there.  In addition, he is very sober and best sample of the current team which is DeNA


I look forward to seeing his next race. I will support him eagerly.