Ho Chi Minh City trip no.2

I got up early around 5A.M. and ate breakfast for 30km tempo run.

Fortunately, there is a park near the hostel. I jogged to there and started running.

The park was smaller than I thought. 1loop was just around 500m.

So I had to do 60 loops to reach 30km. At the beginning, I felt bad even around 4:10/km pace. However, After 30 loops, my pace went up and I felt good.

After 50 loops, 1 guy followed me. He was not able to follow me all the time. He just followed 1 loop and took rest. Then, He repeated it.

Actually, it was good for me. It was better than running alone.

After running, we greeted each other. This workout was successfully finished. What a productive morning!


I took a shower and ate breakfast in the hostel. Breakfast was quite nice, Omelet with bread and Vietnamese Coffee.

During the breakfast, Indian guy came to the room. We ate it together.


After that, we went to the war museum together on foot.

It took 20 minutes from the hostel to the museum.

Museum was amazing. It is very big and has many impressive photos and exhibitions.