Livable city part2



The city currently I live and have been living for 4 years and 9 months so far.

There are plenty of parks and runnable places. In addition, security is very good. I think safer than Tokyo. Everyone can midnight alone without fear.

Singapore is the only Asian city where you can run parkrun. There are 2 places. One is in the east coast park. Another one is in the west coast park.

So, you can join free 5km time trial every Saturday morning. I think it is very good point.


There are many tracks and all of them are for free. That’s nice but sometimes it will be frustrated due to pedestrians and kids on 1st lane.


Small sports gyms and swimming pools are available for condo.

You can enjoy swimming outside whole year because of tropical weather.

There are sports gyms which are organized by local community. You can use it by decent price. You can go private sports gyms if you can not satisfied with gyms in condo public gyms.


For trail runners, Singapore seems not good place. There is famous MR and Bukit Timah.

However, both of them are not high enough. Highest place of Singapore is only 160m +….

So, Trail runners should repeat many loops there or going to high building to go up and go down.


Changi airport is one of the best airport in the world. You can go anywhere for running by air if you want to get good timing and you feel boring.


To summarize, Singapore is very runnable place at all.