Livable city part4

-Buenos Aires-

The city I have been living for 6 months when I was university student.

I ran around the city sometimes at that time. It was not for the race, just for keeping shape.

The place where I lived was quite quiet area.

I thing ideal place for running in BsAs is Palermo park.


Because, this park is big and quiet. I have never ran there but I found running group which would run there on facebook.

Aside from it, Puerto madero seems good. You can run on the deck along the river.

sports gyms will be good option especially night time. Because, running in the night in BsAs sounds dangerous. 


I heard running became very popular there from My Spanish teacher and Argentine traveler in HCMC. So, I think something new spot or invention for runners will be there.

For just jogging, I felt no problem in the town at that time even there were many traffic lights. Roads were quite well organized.


Weather is like Tokyo. It has 4 seasons. But I think it will be better because of less typhoons and snow.