Shocking my request of annual leave for travel in Europa was rejected by boss.

I had already registered 2 races, half marathon in Germany and 112km trail race in Hungary respectively.


For trail race in Hungary, I found that a refund would be available by middle of March.

So, I asked organizer to refund. I also had booked hotel.  Cancellation was still available fortunately. I have already cancelled.


For half marathon in Germany, a refund seems unacceptable.

I also have bought the guidebook of Hungary because I strongly believed that request would be accepted.


Anyways, I have to accept this fact and change the plan.

I have already become member of 10km team race in April and May.

So, I should have workout for these races.

It means current workout for trail race should be changed.

I want to contribute to the team.


Then, ultra trail race should be postponed to 2nd half of this year. It cannot be helped.

I will be able to practice in Mt. Takao or Okutama.