My tomtom GPS is still ok but start button has problem.

I have to push it very strongly. Sometimes it takes a time because I have to try many times. So, it will be no problem when I jog because I have a plenty time for trying.

However, it will be critical problem on the race. Flag off time does not wait for me. I don’t have time to try to push.

Under this circumstance, I started using Polar GPS watch which was prize of Asics relay 2017.


It has been around 2 weeks since I started using it. I have already gotten used to use it.

I think it will be much better that Tomtom GPS watch which I used to use it.

Because, Polar watch has Heart rate function, Interval function, quicker GPS catching etc..


For interval training, I wore Tomtom watch for Strava and Soleus watch for lap.

But now, I just wear Polar watch. In addition, I can check my heart rate.

One point I am not satisfied with is battery durability. It will be only around 5 hours.

I think this short time is due to heart rate. But, it cannot be helped, this watch is very cheap compared to other brands.  I am really satisfied with it.