Surprisingly, manager of Japan football team was changed even now is only 2 months to World cup. I wonder why decision of top of JFA was so late. Maybe it is not only me but also many people wonder it.


New manager is outdated. He is 63 years old. He was one of best Japanese manager when he was manager of G Osaka. But He was not successful after he left this team. He managed Kobe and Nagoya and result was not good. His reputation went down.

Reputation of JFA will go down after this critical decision. So, hunting good manager will be difficult after the World cup.


Manager will not be so important for almost all of Japanese people. They just want to enjoy football festival. I think it is just important for core football fun.


Australia changed manager just after they got the ticket of world cup. I thought it was too late at that time and could not think that our manager would change much later than them.


Manager of national team seems very difficult. It is required to build strong relationship with players, association, Supporter, media, Club teams. There is no long time to practice. Having a huge pressure.