Boston marathon 2018

Boston marathon is around the corner. Both of men’s and women’s marathon seem very interesting.


About women, sadly Hasey decided DNF after the press conference. I was looking forward to watching how she would run. She is still young and was one of the favorites. She ran very well in Boston and Chicago last year.


I wanted to watch battle between, Hasey, Linden, Franagan and Molly. It will be dream race like Mo vs Bekele vs Kuipchige in coming London.

Despite absence of Hasey, there are above mentioned 3 strong Americans and many fast Africans.


 Molly haddle seems very strong. According to her press conference, she did all workouts what she wanted to do and volume was highest ever.

However, she said that she was not 100 % confidence. Because, it would be overcooking and she would have fatigue too much during a race. I agree with what she said.

It will never be confirmed before start.


About men, Many people pay attention to Rupp. He also said he did all workouts what he wanted do in the press conference. So, he also seems very formidable.

After his debut, his marathons were very successful. He never had a disappointed race.

In addition, he ran Boston last year. So, he has an experience and knows how he should run.


He ran half marathon very well in Roma last month. It also positive element and showcases his good condition and competitiveness.

There is Yuki Kawauchi. Osaka was there last year and he was ranked 3rd even it was his fast marathon. So, Japanese people expect  Kawauchi this year.


He will be straggle if the race will be speedy. However, According to weather forecast, it will be strong head wind and it will make race slower. So, he will have a chance to join battle for victory.

There are formidable Africans also in men.


Also, there are few teammates. I hope they run well and enjoy historic race.

Race will start tonight in Singapore. I will not watch on live but I will watch it on youtube whenever possible absolutely.