Singapore was crazily hot last week. It was hottest week ever since I started living here.

Usually, level of fan in my room is 1 and it is enough for sleeping even it is quite hot.

If not hot, I sleep without it.


As above, last week was crazily hot. Then, I was really uncomfortable with fan level1 and straggled to sleep. So, I tried to change from 1 to 2 for the first time. Level2 made me better.


I could sleep but problem was the eyes. When I got up my eyes were quite dry.

I got the problem on left eye 2 years ago. Since then, I’m quite nervous for eyes.

So, I don’t want to use level2 if possible. It should be in case of super hotness.

Fortunately, It rained quite lot last weekend and today.

I guess temperature will be lower because of the rain.