Post Boston Marathon

I was astonished when I got up this morning. Kawauchi won the Boston Marathon!

In addition, there was another surprise. Linden won the women part.

This surprise was same as 1 week ago which is Roma3-0Barca….


Fortunately, this one is good surprise.

According to some articles, weather was worst in 122 years history.

Runners struggled due to strong head wind, low temperature.

I just watched first few minutes of women part.


Then, I wondered why so slow and why they ran in worm clothes like long shirts, jacket even top group. Only few runners were wearing singlet.

I did not know how cold and how was strong head wind at that time.

Especially east africans were suffered. Only few of them were in top10. It was amazing.

Usually they dominate most of all measure races.


This race reminded me of importance of the weather for races.

Also, I felt I was very lucky in past few years because weather on race days were not such a Boston or Nagano.