Schintillating Cruse interval 15min+10min+5min

I joined cruse interval last night. I wanted to do 400m x 10 before main session.

However, unfortunately I could not take a rapid direct bus to Tana merah MRT station at Changi airport cargo building.


So, I arrived at the track quite late and was ready for start around 7:20.

I did 200m x 6 instead of planned 400m x 10 since there was no enough time.

It was not so good not so bad. I did not run with 100%. I ran like 80 to 90%. I tried to pay attention to the form more than timing.

Menu of last night was 15min(r:3min) + 10min(r:2min) + 5min.

Wind was quite strong . In addition, track was quite busy.

Under above mentioned circumstance, I thought It would not be good condition to run well.


However, I felt very comfortable just after the start. 1st lap was 71sec even I did not straggle.

I finished 15 min comfortably.  Almost all laps were below 80 sec.

Then, I thought that breaking average 70 would be possible. I got motivation.

So, I did my best for next 10min and 5min.

I calculated average time at home. I was very glad because it was sub 77 sec unexpectedly.


My condition has been suitable for upcoming 10k races.

I’m mentally bulletproof, nothing to lose!