I got astonishing news yesterday. It was about rumor of Iniesta that he would have contract with Vessel Kobe. It made me crazy because according to some articles, he would play in Chinese club. Nowadays, many famous older players play in China. Chinese clubs are much richer than Japanese clubs. So, it made sense and it was quite credible information.


In this case, key person is president of Rakuten company. Rakuten became main sponsor of FC Barcelona. Also, they are main sponsor of Vessel Kobe. So, I think there is a some connections to proceed this contract.

Environment for football in Japan can be much better than China.


In addition, Iniesta has been there for many times for club world cup, exhibition games.

I guess he would love Japanese culture and Japanese people.

Still it is just rumor. But, I am really looking forward to seeing him in Japan.