I read interesting article recently. It is conversation between Japanese football player to some intelligence person.


Football player is playing in Tokushima. He is quite young still 24 years old and 2nd year in this team. He was captain in High school and university team. Despite 24 years old, he became players’ leader in this season. So, he seems to have natural leadership.

In addition, he got all titles in his last year of university. His leadership must be excellent.

He is doing twitter and blog. Also, he replies to questions from anonymous people on the web.


After checking his activity on the web, I thought he is really interesting person. I think he won’t be football coach or manager after he retires.

I think he will be capable business person because he reads a lot of books, takes a English lesson and output on the web.


Most impressive word from him is that diversity is important but more important is quest deeply.

It means he quests football and business at the same time and both things will be connected in the future.


He is still 24 years old. I got a motivation to work and run.