The recent topic I am interested in most is about killing tackle by university American football player.

It happened a couple of week ago.  I watched it on youtube. It was very dirty play. He tackled opponent player after he released the ball. Opponent player seemed without paying attention to tackles because he has already released a ball.


He was injured for some weeks sadly. This foul was clearly intentional. 

This player continued to do dirty plays after this terrible foul and finally he was eliminated from the game.

After few days from the game, we knew the fact that director of this team asked him to do it.

It’s incredible. I was really surprised and disappointed. Still there is very old Japanese sports style. 


He was very brave because he attended press conference and he said what happened clearly and smartly.

However, director denied it. He has to protect players and responsible for everything which happened in the field

Mass media and many people online criticized him. What a tragedy it was.


Japanese school sports culture must be changed.