Travel in Fukuoka

 Travel in Fukuoka is around the corner. Only 11 days to go. I’m getting excited and nervous.

Main purpose of this travel is Fukuoka international marathon. I will spend all of energy to it but I want to enjoy whole travel.


Transit time in Hong Kong is 6 hours. So, I will take advantage of this long transit time for taking short visit, it will be breakfast for going and dinner for coming back.


I will take care of my body and will try to take rest as much as possible although it is my first visit in Fukuoka. Staying in the hotel room and avoiding sightseeing sound boring. But priority is race. I will try to find good coffee shop and will read books there.


Enjoyment before race will be carboloading. I want to eat many udon and rice.

After the race, I want to go around Fukuoka city and Saga city if I have enough time.

It is only 2nd time in Kyusyu.  Kyusyu is far from Tokyo. Therefore, it will be precious opportunity to know this area. I really want to enjoy it.