vamos avocado

I registered meta sprint duathlon team relay category.

This rate consists of 2 members. one is runner the other one is cyclist.

Runners run 3km firstly. After that, pass baton to cyclists and they cycle 18km.

Finally cyclists pass baton to runners run 3km.


I was interested in cycling and covering all parts. But I want to avoid any accidents by cycling.

I’m afraid. So, I asked my favorite cyclist Dr. Hayashi. And fortunately, he accepted this race.

We were thinking about team name. Dr. Hayashi loves avocado. So, I wanted to include it into the team name. He wanted to include “vamos” because my nickname? Is vamosuda.

Finally, our team becomes vamos avocado. That’s fanny. I love it!


Race day is on 11th Mar. Still it is nearly 4 months away.

I have seen cycling race only one time last year. It was exciting experience.

So, I am really looking forward to race day and want to be champion with him.