2 big ekidens were finished. I have already missing them.

I finished watching new year ekiden dated on 01 Jan 2018 on youtube today.

There was no surprise. Top 3 were dominated by favorites, Asahi Kasei, Honda and Toyota. respectively.


I was looking forward to watching Yuta Shitara who ran as 4th runner of Honda.

Unfortunately, the part he ran was not in youtube. 4th runners are ace of every team.

So, I could not watch most interesting part of the race.


But I was satisfied with watching B Karoki of DeNA instead. He ran amazingly fast and his form was impressive. He was untouchable among other fast Kenyan runners.

I wonder why he ran not good in Fukuoka international last month.


Another big ekiden, hakone was finished yesterday. I just started watching it on youtube and still middle of 1st section of 10.

It Is pitty that Kondo of Kanto selection was not able to run on 1st section due to flue.  He would have been 1st runner from Tokyo university for 13 years.


So far, race is very calm. Almost all of runners run as a pack.

I am enjoying watching it although I know the result of whole race.