100km trail race

Next my target race is Northbern 100 miler. I will run 100km trail.

I cramped just after running 20km in Hong Kong last year. So, I want to avoid cramping at the beginning of race in this time.


I ran 100km trail race in Japan in 2009. I gave up around 40km due to injury. So, I have never finished this distance race.

For 100km trail race, I think strategy will be very import. Important element is not only physical ability but also pacing, nutrition, equipment.


I have already bought mandatory items in Japan last year.

Equipment of high sense and quality brand such as the north face, salomon etc. attracted me. However, those are very expensive. I will go bankrupt.

Then, I went to Montbell flag shop in Tokyo to buy all mandatory items for this race.

Montbell is not so expensive and quality is quite high.

I was satisfied with items which I bought.


After Dubai marathon, I checked advice for the race and found that there is recommended items for deposit bag. I completely forgot about that.

There are many clothes in the list.

I realized that still there are some necessary items.

Running trail race is fun but it takes a cost.