Real Iniesta

The rumor of Iniesta to Kobe is getting real. I was chatting with my fried about it and we were really excited. Mr. Mikitani is really amazing.

However, there are some issues for concerning.


Kobe has 5 foreigners already. Some of them will be released?

Iniesta has never played another club. Will he fit vessel kobe style?

He has never lived in foreign country. Will he adapt to live in Kobe?

Can he speak English? Etc.


As above, there are many things that I wonder. However, he will be most famous and fantastic football player for J league. It will be big movement.

Not only stadium of Kobe will be full but also stadium of their away game will be full for a while. Football fun all over the world will pay attention to J league. Especially Barcelonistas will want to know how he will play.


I hope other barca players will come to Japan. So, I hope he will be successful in Japan and it will attract them. Also, I hope Japanese millionaires invest to Japanese football like Mr. Mikitani.