International week

Usually international week is boring for me. I wait for usual league week in this period.

However, it was quite interesting. I think it was because of that now it is just 3 months before world cup.Many countries were very serious even they played test games.


I watched Germany vs Spain until 30min of first half. It was fantastic. Especially, Spain looked incredible. They had a Iniesta, Koke, Isco, Silva and Thiago in the lineup. They are core of strong teams like Barca, Man city, Madrid, Atletico and Bayern. 

Even they did not have enough time to improve combination, they played very well like they have played for a long time. Another core member, Buskets was injured now. So,  Spain will be more solid when he comes back. 


About Germany,  they seemed still ok. Score is 1-1 and Spain is strong for ball possetion. Both countries will be favorites. Another favorites would be Brazil, France, Portugal?


How about Argentina? Sadly, messi did not play due to injury.  I concern it as barcelonista.Still we have many important games like clasico CL 1/8 final.


I heard Argentina will not be able to nothing without him. There is no good young player.

They just got old after Brazil in 2014 while other countries made their squad.

They are finalist in 2014. I was really impressed at that time and had a blast.

I want to have such a great time but it seems difficult so far.


How about Japan? They had a terrible 2 games.  We should be positive that we will not be like 2014. We will be like 2010. Peak should not be now, it should be on game day.