1 week

My life in Singapore is just 1 more week. I was not so sad until farewell dinner on last Saturday.  But after that,  I started looking back memories on 5 years and now am feeling very sad.


About farewell dinner, there were Japanese friends and surprising guests. We enjoyed eating Yakiniku and chatting. After that, only Japanese men went to ramen restaurant and enjoyed unhealthy ramen and Gyoza. It was not recommendable for runner and but it will be great memory. I like eating outside.


I joined interval session yesterday. As citizen, it was last one. Before the session, I received mug cup with prints of the team photos.  I was really grateful for this present from adorable team mates. Thanks!!


After the session, I got photo session. 70% of us were half naked.  It was funny, typical our style.


I have more farewell dinner in 1 week. So, I hope to meet friends as much as possible and enjoy rest of precious time.