Ho Chi Minh City trip no.1

As scheduled, I traveled in Ho Chi Minh City.

There is CNY in HCMC. So, there were less motorbikes because many people went back to their hometown.

For me, It was first visit in Vietnam in recent 10 years. The last time I visit there was in 2008 before I started working. I was young.

At that time, I visited north part of Vietnam, Ha Noi, Nih Binh and Ha Ron Bay.

I had a blast at the time with other travelers.


In This time, I stayed in dormitory room of hostel which is located near the park and the bus terminal.

Location is really nice. Aside of location, attitude of stuffs, rooms, breakfast were also very nice. I was very satisfied with this hostel.

I met 1 Indian guy and 1 Chinse girl when I arrived in the room.

They were chatting. I joined their chat. Then, We went to the market together for dinner.

Unfortunately, market was closed due to CNY but restaurant on the road were open.

We ate Vietnamese food mainly. I ate Frog for the first time. Surprisingly, taste was like a chiken. Unexpectedly , it was very delicious.


After going back to the hostel, we chatted and decided to join Cu Chi tunnel tower afternoon of next day.

2 bottles of bear was free during happy hour from 7PM to 9PM.

I did not enjoy it because I had a tempo run next morning.