Urawa won  ACL last week. It’s their 2nd time after 2007. 10 years ago, they won with Hasebe, Tanaka, Washington, Turio, Abe, Ponte, Nene, Santos, Tsuboi, Suzui etc.

Writing members at that moment, they seems very strong. It was not just lucky.

Compered to them, this season’s Urawa players are not so gorgeous.

They have some national players like Makino, Nagasawa, Nishikawa but they are not regular.

Foreign player in starting member was only Rafael Silva.


They changed after change of manager drastically. They became more defensive and solid.

No chance for J league was also good because they were able to spend all power to ACL.


I watched digest of game and some emotional episodes on youtube.

I was touched although I’m not Urawa fan.

Urawa supporter can be pride of Japan. They are incredible. They made some problems but just incredible.

I expect that Urawa beat Real madrid on club world cup!