Travel in U.A.E

I checked itinerary of travel in U.A.E.

I will miss travel in Oman due to my mistake of hotel booking.

It will not take long time from Dubai to Muscat by bus but it will not enough time to enjoy traveling there. I regret so much.

So below is itinerary. It looks good! I am really looking forward to this travel, first time in middle east.



AM: go to most beautiful starbucks in the world

PM: collection of bib, visit historical district


AM: go to Abu dhabi by bus

PM: come back from Abu dhabi, buy breakfast for race


AM: race and branch with friends

PM: visit tower and aquarium , have dinner with friends


AM: running

PM: desert tour


AM: go to Al ain by bus check in the hotel

PM: sightseeing in Al Ain


AM: check out the hotel, take part in tour to world heritage site

PM: go back to Dubai, take a midnight flight to Singapore