Dental Clinic

I realized that periodical dental check is really required after I had inplant operation.

It was very expensive and took long time. I thought it was due to Singapore but actually it would be expensive everywhere.


After this operation, I realized that taking care of teeth is really important. I use electric brush and clean every after eating.  I like brushing.  I carry brush and brushing even outside.


I go to dental clinic twice a year. I went there for biannual checking.  yesterday 

I was scared a little bit because I felt something strange on one point of teeth.

However, this point was no problem. Dentist advised me another point.


So, I followed him and got a treatment which was not so painful.

He recommended me to take a X- ray. I also followed him because he is reliable dentist.

Fortunately, there was no problem. I just continually take care and will have to take next checking after half year.


I’m already 30s. So , I want to find some problems on the body asap and stay healthy.