Current my resource of the music is only top latino of pod cast.

Somehow, this pod cast cannot be updated in my I pod. Or there is way to update and I was just stupid.

Anyways, latest one is in 2015. So, I don’t listed latest songs. I just listen songs 3 years or older. Despite such a situation, still I can find good songs.


I found 2 good songs. 1 is mi decralacion de amor the other one is taboo.

Both songs are in Spanish. I listened them so many times last year.

I know meaning and wards.


Recently, I found another good one which is Titanio. It was released in 2012. It has been 6 years already….

I thought it would be Spanish song but I realized original is English version.

I found it in Youtube and English version is also great.


Especially, I like meaning and I like compare English version to Spanish version.

There is acoustic version and it is also good.

I tried to run with this song in the morning because it is upbeat and seems good for running.

However, I felt bad during the run. I prefer to run without music anyways.