Good news

As previous post, I was thinking what will be effective way to use travel voucher.

Finally, I found good one, Da Nang international marathon dated on 12 AUG.


Cost is under amount of voucher, duration is only 3days, available for single.

That’s a perfect! There is no direct flight from Singapore but  maybe it will not be troublesome. There will be many indirect flight.


Marathon course will be not so fan. Start time is quite hard, at 4PM…

However, timing of top 3 of last year was not so fast. There was no Kenyan.

I will be able to try to be in podium if I keep current fitness level.


Aside from Marathon, Da Nang is kind of resort town. So, I am not so interested in.

I am interested in Hue and Hoi Ang more than Da Dang.

It will take few hours to visit those attractive cities by bus.


I’m really looking forward to joining this travel.