I secured place to stay in Brisbane. Cost is not so low but place looks nice for running.

It is near the river. Also, there are some parks. There is a gym in the same building and I will be able to use it.


Cost of living in Australia seems quite high. I think it will be same level as Singapore or even higher. I will try to save many and stay healthy. I am afraid of gaining weight. So, I will buy vegetables in a super market and will eat salads as much as possible.

Before Half marathon, Tapering will be required. I will do workout as hard as possible.

Aside from Running, I want to do sightseeing and studying for exam in OCT.


I look forward to running parkrun. Probably, I will have 2 chances to do it.

Surprisingly, start time is 7 am, earlier than Singapore time which is 7:30 am.

Why? Should not  be 9am? I was surprised that there were so many runners even such a super early morning. Weather would be ideal. So I will try to make new PB!