Working style

It has been 10 years since I started working.

Come to think of it, I wore formal attire like business suits, shirts, necktie and shoes only first 1.5 years.


After 1.5 years, I moved to different department which was located in the plant. I wokred in the office but I wore working wear like workes in the plant. Actually, It was more comfortable and convenience than formal style.

Easy to move and easy to clean. In addition, I could save cleaning fee.


After I moved to Singapore, I was allowed to wear casual long pants and shirts.

Necktie and business suits are not necessary. It is also easy to work and control.


I imagine that how required attire would be when I start working in Japan.

I do not want to spend money for business goods. Then, I found that there are Uniqlo suits and shirts.

They are very cheap but still look OK. Also, their functionality seems good enough. I mean cost performance will be quite high.

I want to spend money for bag and shoes.

Shoes of Colehann look fashionable and runnable.

Bags of the north face look modern and runnable.

I want to buy a watch of Sunnto for ultra trail and it’s design looks also ok for working.