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Kawasaki lost Levain cup final. They still have not gotten any titles…

They were missing so many chances. It’s incredible. Their style is beautiful, that final too. They dominated game and attacked almost all of times. But they  lost 0-2.

Their manager changed this year. They seemed stronger and gained winner’s mind.

I wonder when and how they become champion.


Winner of Levain cup is C Osaka. It’s first title of their 25 years history.

They were not able to do what they wanted to do since Kawasaki was too strong.

But they were very tough and were capable to protect goal and get goal even few chances.

They chose realistic way. They rejected keeping ball and concentrated to defend. It was rewarded.


Winning ceremony was very emotional although I am not their fan.

Especially I was touched when former FC Tokyo Player, Moniwa and legend C Osaka player, Morishima displayed cup.

I am looking forward to FC Tokyo ‘s winning of this cup next year.