Soccer Lab

I watched soccer lab on You tube.

It was discussion of Toda, Hashimoto and Nonomura. They were discussing world cup in Russia.


I knew Toda studies soccer a lot and he aims to be manager in the future. Now, he works as commentator on soccer TV program. He got good reputation from soccer fans.

I think he would be very good manager because he has great knowledge, experience as player and strong character. I look forward to seeing him on  the pitch as soon as possible.

Maybe, he will do it after the world cup next year.


About Hashimoto, he became veteran and now plays in Tokyo Verdy.

Actually, I did not watch how he plays but I know he is very smart player.

I think he will be also good manager. He seemed very smart on this TV program.

He has already taken a class for manager license. According to him, his current manager who is from Spain is special and got good inspiration.

There were many unique managers in J2. So, I think players learned about something new from them.


I hope more experienced managers come to J league and develop our soccer.

This program is very intersting. I want to find others on Youtube.