I was really bad yesterday.

I was supposed to collect prize from Asics and take part in training at Kallang track. However, it was postponed to today suddenly.

So, I had to reschedule and change plan.


I bought drug for cough and sore throat at the drug store on the way to go back to home.

My condition was not good. Now is rainy season and still it is difficult to adapt cooler temperature. I should have more wear and blanket when I slept on last Monday.


Despite bad condition, I wanted to tempo run at the park. However, GPS was broken. It could not be charged. I charged another GPS watch at the home for tempo run.


During charging time, I watched you tube. Some trashy programs attracted me. I spent too much time. As a result, there was no enough time for tempo run. I just did slow jog for 6km instead. 


Positively thinking, it was good to recover. However, I regret such a nonproductive day.