I read the article about Keiko Komuro yesterday. It’s really shocking and tragedy.

She is still 45 years but she is suffering critical difficulty of the brain.

She got subarachnoid hemorrhage few years ago. She got surgery and survived.

However, she is still in the hospital and his husband has to care of her at the all time.

According to the article, the care is very tough for him.


Now, she is like elementary school student. She just enjoy studying Kanji text which is for 4th grade of the elementary school.

Duration of the conversation just can be around 3 minutes…

It made him tired and caused affair last year.


They were super star in the Japanese music seen when I was small.

I am really afraid of such a disease and the dementia.

Writing blog is one of the reasons to avoid it.

I should think and use brain as much as possible.


My grandmother is 82 years old but she is still active and not senile dementia.

I think one of the reasons is that she is fanatic for Suduku and she likes to do Kanji texts.